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Zero Cost Traffic Tactics

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  1. Introduction
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  2. It All Starts With Your Website
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  3. Tactic #1: The Viral Blogging Method
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  4. Tactic #2: YouTube Traffic Technique
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  5. Tactic #3: The Forum Authority Method
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  6. Tactic #4: The Thank You Page Win-Win Method
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  7. Tactic #5: The Podcasting Method
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  8. Tactic #6: The Guest Posting Method
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  9. Tactic #7: Webinar Traffic
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  10. Tactic #8: The Social Media Groups Method
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  11. Tactic #9: The Name Dropping Method
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  12. Tactic #10: The Viral Report Method
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  13. Conclusion And Summary
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How to Use This Technique

GAnderson September 11, 2020
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Your first task if you’re going to use this technique is finding some similar websites that have thank you pages that you might be able to approach. Don’t be afraid to approach a website as long as you have made your own site as professional looking as possible. Other Internet marketers and website owners are always looking for ways to generate more traffic and if your method brings even a few more people to their website and doesn’t cost them anything or reduce their existing website traffic and anyway, they are sure to be on board with it.

Search the site until you find their contact email and then write them a message asking them if they would be interested in the thank you page link exchange. You can compare this to the way that Amazon shows people related content after they purchase something. The customer will have already purchased an item from your partner and so he or she will have nothing to lose by sending traffic your way.

Be polite and be persistent. If someone doesn’t respond to you, it probably means that they were not interested in pursuing your offer. You might get a dozen rejections and this is frustrating, but don’t give up because the 13th could be the one that says yes and then drives a ton of traffic to your site. It is a win-win situation for both of you and it cost nothing but a few seconds to put a link on your page. Cross-promotion is one of the most effective Internet marketing methods. Below is an example email that you can send.


I noticed that you had a great product for sale on your website. {NameofProgram} seems as if it would be a very valuable resource for my customers as well as yours, as I sell a very similar product. I wondered if you would be interested in doing a ‘Thank You’ page link exchange where I would place a banner on my thank you page that would link to your product in return for you doing the same for mine. If you want to check out my site and the product that I am offering this is the link: http://www.nameofyoursite.com. Please let me know if you would like to proceed and provide me with a banner or link so that we can get the process started.


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