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Your Stepping Stone To Online Success

Paul September 3, 2020

Many successful Internet marketers today started out as affiliates of other Internet marketers’ products. Many of them do this for a number of reasons:

  • They don’t have to create their own offers.
  • They don’t have to create their own sales copy or marketing materials.
  • They don’t have to provide support or update the products.
  • They can learn what it is like to sell products online before actually creating their own.
  • They can make some money online quickly before they start spending time and money creating their own offers.

  • All of these and other reasons are key to why many Internet marketers start off as affiliates of other Internet marketers’ products. Internet marketing can be quite complicated and overwhelming to the “newbie” who has no previous marketing experience online. In fact, some online marketers don’t even have previous marketing experience offline, having served in completely unrelated industries. In fact, one noted and successful Internet marketer with his own 7-figure company today was painting houses before he started marketing online. Yes, he also promoted other marketers’ products, and he still does it today.

  • Affiliate marketing is often a great way for new Internet marketers to learn how to “get their feet wet” in terms of selling online. You can often make money more quickly by starting out as an affiliate, as you don’t have to spend time and money creating your own product. In addition, you don’t have to write sales copy or create other marketing materials for those offers. Usually, most Internet marketers who have created their own offers also create sales material to promote those offers so that it is easier for their
    Affiliate Marketing Action Plan
    affiliates to promote those offers. And, as mentioned above, you can get an idea of what it takes to successfully sell online by promoting other marketers’ products first before creating and selling your own. This can be quite helpful for people who have little to no previous experience selling anything.
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