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Tactic #9: The Name Dropping Method

GAnderson September 10, 2020

In this chapter, were going to discuss a unique method of getting traffic to your site without spending a dime called the name dropping method. This is a very easy and very effective way to get traffic to your website. The first thing that you need to understand is that some people on the Internet have more influence than others. People that are influencers tend to have fans that will follow their recommendations almost unwaveringly.

That means, if they post a link to your website on their website or on their social media platforms, their followers are going to want to see what it is. Those followers are going to click on the link simply because they respect the person that gave it to them. You could get a huge amount of traffic if one of these influencers decides to post to your website or mention your name somehow. This method is a terrific way to get that done.

How It Works

So, your first step is going to be writing an article. Again, if you’re not a writer you’re either going to have to find a friend that will write it for free or you’re going to pay some money to outsource it, which of course will ruin your goal of getting traffic to your site without spending a dime. It might be worth it however, because if the article isn’t any good this technique is going to fail. So, make sure that this article that you write is as good as it can possibly be – as good as you would find on professional sites within your industry.

What this article will be about is a group of people who have expertise in the field that you are in, or even people in other fields. You don’t necessarily have to stick within your own niche when it comes to this technique. You could write an article about the best bloggers to follow or the top entrepreneurs for the current year or the top experts in your own field. As previously mentioned, top 10 lists work exceptionally well for this, so make yours a top 10 list of whichever group of people you have chosen.

After you have written the article and published it, make sure that it was as good as it could possibly be, you can then contact the people who you wrote about and let them know that you have written an article about them and their expertise. Depending on their level of notoriety or your own level of expertise, they may or may not respond by linking to your article. Some of them will. Whoever does is going to give you a great deal of traffic to your site, which is the goal of this.

The great thing about this particular method is that you can use it so many different ways and you can use it over and over. So, you could write about the top 10 entrepreneurs and then you can follow it up with an article about bloggers or web designers or whoever it is that you think might be able to drive traffic to your site. If they have the ability to influence others and the traffic that they could drive to your site might convert then it’s worth writing an article about them.

How to Know Which People to Choose for Your Article

Figuring out who to choose for your article isn’t all that difficult but it does take some research. What you want to do is find the sweet spot between the people who would definitely be willing to link to you if you wrote an article about them and the people who have the greatest amount of influence or followers. Obviously, if you choose someone who is massively influential like the late Steve Jobs, they aren’t really going to care that you wrote an article about them and they certainly are going to link to you from their site. This level of influencer has articles written about them all the time. They are going to care about a blog post naming them in the top 10 of anything.

On the other hand, you don’t want to choose people who have no influence either. For one thing, that would make for a terrible article if you are writing about people who had no expertise and no influence, and putting them in the top 10 article. These people would be perfectly willing to link to your article if you wrote about them but they can drive traffic to your site. So, you have to find the perfect combination of someone who is influential but smalltime enough to still be willing to link to your article if you write about them.

Sample Email to an Influencer That You Have Written about


I have been following your career and I have considered you an expert in {NameofIndustry}, which is also an industry that I’m involved in. I recently wrote an article about the top 10 (insert article title) and you are one of those 10 experts that I named. I wanted to let you know, and say that I appreciate your contribution to the field. You can contact me if you have any questions. Here is a link to the article in question. (LINK TO ARTICLE HERE)


Your Name


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