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Tactic #8: The Social Media Groups Traffic

GAnderson September 10, 2020

In chapter nine, we’re going to discuss how you can use social networking groups to drive content to your website. You know what social media is, but did you know there are actually many social networking groups out there for almost every social media platform and covering almost every topic imaginable. People build communities around even the most eclectic of interests, and so if you look long enough you will find something in your industry on every social media website that you have an account at.

However, don’t let the lack of one stop you. Even if you don’t have an account or don’t usually use the social networking site, and you find that there is a group there that fits your topic, go ahead and sign up for that social media platform and start using it. These groups are invaluable when it comes to driving traffic to your website because not only will people come

and visit your website from encountering you within the group, they will also send people over to your website if they consider you an expert and content on your website or products that you sell solve the problem for them.

Starting Your Own Group

If there isn’t a group in your social media circles for the industry that you are in, don’t be afraid to start one. In fact, since your goal is to be looked at as an expert in this industry so that people want to come to your website, starting a Facebook group or group on some other social media platform, could be one of the best things that you can do.

You may find that once you create the group and post about it to people who might be interested in it that you’ll soon have a sizable following and quite a bit of traffic coming to your site.

Benefits of Joining and Participating in Social Media Groups

There are a lot of benefits to being part of a social media group that is built around your topic or industry. For one thing, you have the visibility that comes with being a member and having your website information on your bio or anyplace within group posts where they allow you to place a link to your website.

If you can answer questions about the industry and give people good advice you will quickly build up a reputation as an expert in the field. This will make even more people want to ask you questions and get advice from you and it will entice people to check you out outside of the group setting, which means they will be going to your website.

But building a reputation as an expert in that industry doesn’t just apply to the Facebook group or whatever social media group you are part of. Once people know your name and know you as an expert you are able to write articles and posts on other websites forums where people might already be aware of your expertise. This means that you will have an easier time getting a foot in the door at other endeavors that you are working on as an expert in that industry.

For example, it will be easier to do many of the things that are discussed in this book. When it comes to guest posting, you will have a definite advantage from your participation in social media groups within your industry. That’s because not only can you use your membership to convince people to allow you to guest post on their blog, you’ll probably be able to find people within your own group that will allow you to guest post in return for a link. In fact, they will be happy to have your expertise on their blog if they consider you a leader or a knowledgeable person within the social media group that you’re in.

Social Media Groups Give You Clout and Followers

When you are part of a social media group around a particular industry, and you begin to build a reputation as an expert, people start to listen to your opinions. This means that you can make product recommendations and give advice that may result in you being able to earn affiliate commissions or other monetary rewards. However, this is a great responsibility and so you want to be careful to only promote things that you are sure are valuable to those you are influencing. You will lose all of your credibility if you begin to promote items that are worthless just to make money from your followers.

Speaking of followers, you’ll be able to increase your following by joining these groups by a huge amount. For example, if you’re part of a Facebook group people are going to want to follow you on your Facebook account if they like what your posting. No matter what your social media platform, if it has a group you have a chance of gaining followers and not just on that social networking site but also on the major social networking sites where they can find you. If they stumble on your account on Twitter they’ll follow you because they know you from the Facebook group.

There is no doubt that Facebook and other social media groups have enormous benefits for someone who is looking to market their website

without spending any money. These groups are free to join and only require an investment of your time and expertise to pay dividends.

Some other social media platforms with groups functionality you want to get involved in are:

LinkedIn Groups – https://www.linkedin.com/directory/groups/ 

Google+ Communities – https://plus.google.com/communities

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