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Zero Cost Traffic Tactics

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  1. Introduction
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  2. It All Starts With Your Website
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  3. Tactic #1: The Viral Blogging Method
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  4. Tactic #2: YouTube Traffic Technique
    3 Topics
  5. Tactic #3: The Forum Authority Method
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  6. Tactic #4: The Thank You Page Win-Win Method
    2 Topics
  7. Tactic #5: The Podcasting Method
    3 Topics
  8. Tactic #6: The Guest Posting Method
    3 Topics
  9. Tactic #7: Webinar Traffic
    3 Topics
  10. Tactic #8: The Social Media Groups Method
    3 Topics
  11. Tactic #9: The Name Dropping Method
    3 Topics
  12. Tactic #10: The Viral Report Method
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  13. Conclusion And Summary
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Tactic #4: The Thank You Page Win-Win Method

GAnderson September 11, 2020

Our next method is called the thank you page method and it is a way for you to get traffic to your site directly from another site that is related to yours, or in some cases, even a competitor of yours. You might be wondering why a competitor of yours – or even a related site – would be willing to put a link to your website on theirs.

That’s exactly why this method works. You need to give them a reason to link back to your website. There are also a few other things that you have to keep in mind in order to use this method effectively and you may have to skip this technique altogether if your site is brand-new.

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