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Tactic #3: The Forum Authority Method

GAnderson September 10, 2020

The next method of getting traffic to your site without spending any money that we’re going to discuss is forum marketing. There are millions of forums out there dedicated to every topic imaginable. You are certain to find active and growing forums built around your particular topic. In fact, you may already be a member of some of these forums and up until now have just participated in the discussions, asked and answered questions or simply kept up with what other people are saying about your industry.

Your Signature Is Your Salesman

Forums can be one of the most effective marketing methods that you can use. However, you have to find the right forum that allows you to create a link to your website that people can easily click on. This is done through your forum signature. Your signature may be composed of text, images, HTML and links that lead directly back to your website.

If you are joining a new forum, or thinking about posting somewhere that you haven’t been active before, the first thing that you need to do is determine whether or not you can put a link in your signature that will be visible and attractive enough for people to click on, so that you can get traffic to your website from that forum. If the forum does not allow links in your signature or renders them so small as to not be useful, avoid posting on that forum and go somewhere else.

This is where you put your signature on the Warrior Forum

What to put on your signature is going to take some thought. What you need to understand, is that your signature is intended to provide people with an easy-to-follow link to your website without being obtrusive. So, you don’t want a forum signature where you have a giant link to your site in bright red that looks ugly and completely overpowers anything else on the forum. You do want a visible and easy-to-follow link. More importantly than that, you want to give people a reason to follow the link.

That means, you need to create some sort of reason using the text or images in your signature. For example, you can invite them to get something for free or take advantage of a special offer or even to find out advice on the particular topic of the forum. Just make sure that you don’t only put a link to your website without giving them a reason to click on that link.

Using the Forums

The next thing that you’re going to do is make sure that you’re using the forums regularly. Remember, each time you post on the forums you are basically posting another advertisement for your website. You never know who is going to see it, so spend as much time as you’re able – without giving the impression that you are spamming the forum – on answering questions, giving advice and providing useful and valuable content.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to forums is that you might want to expand your horizons a little bit. Many forum users tend to stick to just one or two sections where they most enjoy posting. That means, if you stay in those one or two sections, you are going to be advertising your link to pretty much the same people. But if you go out and post in other parts of the forum you are likely going to be showing your signature to a huge, new group of people.

Responding to the posts made on a thread you created is important as well. Some people are going to arrive at the thread and only read the last few posts. That means that your particular post may be a long way back and they aren’t even going to see it but if you reply to other posts – and remember you need to say something valuable not just reply to be replying – then whoever visits the forum will always be able to see your signature in one of your replies.

You may not always be able to create a signature with a link in it. However, you still should be able to include some sort of information in your signature and even if you can’t – like if the forum doesn’t offer a signature – you’ll probably be able to include website links in your bio. However, relying on your bio to send traffic to your website is rather iffy, and you have to make doubly sure that you write informative, valuable posts that people will make people want to find out who the author is and check them out elsewhere on the web. Is a much better idea to find a forum that offers a signature, but if you do have a particular forum that is very active or is laser targeted at your audience, you might still want to participate once in a while to have access to those users.

Other Signature Ideas

Another thing that you should be aware of is that forums aren’t the only places where you can include a signature. You can almost always include a signature on your email, which means that everyone that you send an email to will get a link to your website. This is an unobtrusive way to advertise to your email contacts. There may be other places online where you regularly post or participate that allows you to have a bio or signature as well, that you’re not currently taking advantage of.

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