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July 25th - JV's You Can Win $300+ in JV Prizes And...

Up to $250+ Per Sale

And The Promise To Reciprocate In Your Future Launches!

HHYDRA mailz in 5 Steps

Gather Emails

Gather 1000s of targeted, niche specific email address.

Irresistible Offer

Develop an amazing offer and squeeze page that will turn your cold emails into warm ones.

Mass Sending Tool

Now you need an option for sending mass emails that will not get your banned or blacklisted and keep out of the spam folder.

Auto Follow up Sequence

This is where the real power is. Once a cold email takes up your irresistible offer you then slowly warm them up with high quality content. Here you have evergreen offers that will bring in passive income.

Rinse and Repeat

You just keep adding new emails address and plug them into you auto funnel.

What Is HYDRA m a i l z?

HYDRA m a i l z is ultimately about sales, signup and leads by using the most trusted method to date, emails.

Will explain what cold email marketing is and how to use it to grow your business and get more sale, signup and leads.

Cold Email marketing is a technique used to turn your collected email address’ into real email subscribers and clients.

In HYDRA m a i l z Paul Tilley will show you step-by-step how to send 100k emails per day for free that go safely into inboxes and don’t get accounts banned.
Students will learn how to setup a cold email outreach system to be able to send almost unlimited bulk emails.

Cold email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies for lead generation and getting more customers to your business. You can send cold emails one by one manually, but this will be time consuming and boring, so what about automating this process and sending bulk emails using your own outreach system.

In this course, Paul Tilley will share with a system structure and the free guides that you can follow to build your own system and send thousands of emails for almost no cost.

  • How to quickly and easily gather 1000s of highly targeted, niche specific emails: Lead generation is a very important step in email and digital marketing, where you try to find targeted emails in a specify niche and then ensure they are valid so you can send cold emails and get more customers. In HYDRA m a i l z, we will show you how to do this easily and for free.
  • Free email Validation process: Email Validation is a key part of email marketing best practices. That’s because maintaining a healthy reputation and a good relationship with Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers is challenging. Plus, it’s tough to make it to the inbox and earn a high deliverability rate.
  • Build your own, non-blacklisted, healthy email delivery system that you own and control. With this system you will be able to deliver an almost unlimited number of cold emails that will build your lists and leads.

The Funnel

You Can Make Over $400 With Our Funnel

Front End: $9.95 (100% commission) 

The complete HYDRA m a i l z course. Over the shoulder videos showing students how to collect 1000s of targeted email address, setup a cold email marketing system and make money or build a list from that niche.

OTO1: $37.00 (50% commission) ($1 Down sell) RECURRING

HYDRA ma i l z DFY 

  • You will receive 5k + highly targeted email address’
  • Verification (so no bounce) that you can put straight into your own system and develop a targeted campaign.
  • Plus a set of highly effective cold email templates that will help you in your email campaign.

DS #1: First month for $1 then as above 

OTO2: $67.00 (50% commissions) ($47 Downsell)

promote your ads, deals and pages to our 10 million targeted subscribers within the MMO niche. These are highly targeted buyers within this area. We will also provide reports so you can verify the quality of the traffic. This is a great way to grow your lists, gain targeted traffic and promote offers.

OTO3: $97.00 (50% commission) ($67 Downsell)

Mega Reseller Rights: Sell HYDRA m a i l z Payments + 2 of my previous Products (LazerPoint Profits and Download Dollars) as your own products and keep 100% of the commissions across all the entire funnels.

OTO4: $297.00 (50% commission) ($197 Down sell) RECURRING


The Complete Package

• Students will receive 10000+ targeted VERIFIED email address within their niche (emailed a csv file).
• Use of dedicated custom email SMTP servers and sending server with 90% inbox landing and less spam score.
• Send up to 50k in a Email Campaign
• Compete States Report with Open, Bounce and Click Rates
• Up to 40 min online coaching with Paul Tilley (creator) per month to help build an ongoing profitable system. They can the session to focus thier attention on this method or use them as a quick crash course on any aspect of internet or affiliate marketing.
• Plus, up to 3 per month ongoing e-mail support to ensure that your clients maximize their profits.

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50% Recurring Commission
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50% Recurring Commission

Contest Prizes


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Paul Tilley

Hi and welcome, thank you much for checking out this page. I have worked within education and learning for over 20 years, teaching teenagers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students at Oxford Brookes University. The power and potential of the internet is truly staggering. All you need is a laptop (or even just a phone) and access to the internet and you can make $1000s each day. My long term goals are to have amazing courses that help people all around the world to make an income that ill help change peoples lives for the better.

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