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[Free Tool] Microsoft Office Immersive Reader Tool for Writing/Reading and Checking

For someone like me who is #dyslexic or if your not a native English reader or if you have issues with your #eyesight where you struggle to read documents then #Microsoft #Office #Immersive #Reader tool is something that you really need to checkout. It has loads of options from changing the background colour to changing the size of the font to split in the word into syllables or to highlight in nouns and verbs it can even read the document back to you all these tools are incredibly helpful if you struggle with the written text . If you just need to check a document and you just want to have for example all the verbs highlighted to cheque a particular thing this again can be really helpful whether your students I need some more time or just need to digest documents for work then Microsoft Office immersive reader is an incredibly helpful tool that you should checkout.

Paul Tilley

 Helping People ‘Freedom in an Unfree World’ 

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