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FREE Open Source Video Conference Meeting (Zoom/Teams Alternative)

I found this a really great piece of software that’s basically a #zoom or #MSTeams or teams alternative call #Jitsi.

You find that a lot of people have to pay with zoom because it only gives you a limited amount of time and functionality until the free version runs out.

My fitness instructor was running online courses during the covid lock-down and was fine enough the 40 minutes the video would just stop. And so he came across this alternative.

https://jitsi.org is a really great it’s totally free you can record your screen you can do pretty much anything you’d want to do in a programme like zoom. However it’s free which is always good now if you are wanting to record tutorial videos or demonstrations or screenshots. Then this software is absolutely perfect.

The great thing is that literally all you need to do is to send the URL to another person and they can join in the conversation. So they don’t need to download any software install anything on their computers or anything like that they can just log in with a URL on their phone their tablets all their laptop and away they go.

All the functionality is really simple and easy to use. So even someone like my mom could use it. So really you have to question why someone would pay for a piece of software like zoom when a great open source alternative like this is available.

Jitsi is a free and open-source video chat and conferencing software client and server. It runs in the web browser, and does not require any special downloads or software installs. This will work on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Apps are available for Android and iOS.

Jitsi is a good alternative to Zoom. If you are a school or a company, you should consider visiting with your IT department about setting up your own private

Jitsi server to avoid unwanted pop-ins and to better protect privacy.

Learn more about Jitsi or start your own video call here: https://jitsi.org/

Note: Jitsi is currently designed to work best in the Chrome web browser.

Paul Tilley

 Helping People ‘Freedom in an Unfree World’ 

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